Colorful day tours

A fun day in Tel Aviv, full of architectural beauty and fantastic tastes. We will go on an amazing journey through the beautiful Station complex, the new and prestigious Neve Tzedek houses – as well as the old ones – and the Suzan Dalal Center and the fascinating story behind it. We will make our way through the neighborhood alleys all the way to the Carmel market, where we will go on a delicious and intriguing culinary voyage with lots of tastes from Ethiopia, Yemen, Vienna, England, and Turkey.

We will end our trip at Nachalat Binyamin and witness the most special graffiti in town!

The cost per participant includes transportation, tour guidance, and food tasting.

We will begin with a captivating tour of the Druze village core and hear about the Druze religion, reveal some of its secrets which are only known to a few, and learn of their house of prayer and what they believe in. We’ll find out what is the secret of their loyalty to the State of Israel and continue on an authentic and extraordinarily rich Druze breakfast in one of the village houses – which offers a breathtaking view. We’ll taste crispy pastries and salads, all locally produced.

We will then visit the Druze Women’s Center – one brave, antitraditional woman’s project. The center includes a spectacular display of elements from the community’s daily life, past and present, touching the women’s position in the Druze family and how it progressed over the years. We will get advice on making homemade “grandmother’s medicines”, and we will get to know a mixture of spices and soaps that are made by the Druze community locally.

We will take a walk in the fine, green Carmel air, get to know the magical forest of Little Switzerland – and prepare herbal tea while treating ourselves to heart-warming cakes – all in front of a stunning, northern view.

The cost per participant includes transportation, tour guidance, and a rich breakfast.

A craftsmen tour of the past, food-tasting, and going to the market! We will start with a superb picnic breakfast in the everyone-is-bringing-something style, accompanied by herbal tea and strong black coffee. We will then visit the colorful city of Acre, see the renovated and breathtaking Halls of the Knights, in underground Acre… which tell the story of the Crusader knights. We will walk through hidden tunnels and visit the dynamic local market. We will tour the market’s alleys and find a hundred-year-old bakery that was passed down from father to son, behold spectacular galleries, try the best hummus in Israel – and discover a unique guesthouse with a balcony that has the best sea-view ever – on which we will toast Le’Haim!

The cost per participant includes transportation, tour guidance, food-tasting, wine, and site entry.

Church bells and fine wine! We’ll start with a picnic – a shared breakfast in the everyone-is-bringing-something style. We will then take special shuttles to the most extraordinary mountain in the region, the Tavor; A magical mountain covered with churches and their ringing bells heard from afar. We will visit the magnificent church and learn the story of the miracle that occurred there, which makes it one of the most significant places on earth.

We will proceed on a circular hike of about 2.5 hours around the Tavor’s peak and benefit from a wonderful view, lovely flowers, and the stories told.

We will then go to a nice lunch in a picturesque restaurant.

And for making it a really perfect day – we will visit the Tulip Winery, taste several types of wine, and learn about the special and inspiring place – which employs people with disabilities.

The cost per participant includes transportation, tour guidance, lunch, and a visit to the winery.

We will start the day with a special and indulgent breakfast in the outskirts of Jerusalem. We will go up to the city and through the spacious Teddy Park, a beautiful green lung in front of the Jerusalem city walls. Then, we will enter the charming Yemin Moshe neighborhood – a French stone village in the heart of Jerusalem.

Who was the millionaire who died heirless? Why didn’t people want to live in this neighborhood? Why were the settlers expelled – and who took their houses? Why was the flour mill abandoned almost immediately after it was built? And what’s hidden in it nowadays?

We will get to the magical Andalusian Garden via Mishkent Sha’anim, the King David Hotel, and the YMCA – and get to know the fascinating North African Jewish Heritage Center. We will also get acquainted with incredible luxury neighborhoods… which are vacant.

We will not end the day without a visit to an Austrian cafe in the heart of the old city, a peaceful, beautiful island of strudels, zacher tortes, and whipped cream.

The cost per participant includes the bus, tour guidance, breakfast, and sites.

We will begin with a breakfast picnic in the forest, everyone brings their tastiest dishes and everyone participates! We will then go on one of the most beautiful desert routes – Nahal Euphrates, clear desert water!

On the downstream path, we will witness the place where the first monks settled 1700 years ago, hear how plants survive in the desert, dip in the cool water, and walk through a breathtaking desert landscape (the length of the route is about 5 km, its difficulty level is easy-medium).

At the end of the route, you are welcome to a special pizza on the balcony with the most beautiful desert view.

Finally, we will visit Biker Dari for a local wine tasting.

The cost per participant includes the bus, tour guidance, site entry, lunch, and a visit to the winery.

Guests from abroad and business guests

We will begin with a breathtaking view of the Mount of Olives and hear the story of the Temple Mount and its temples – from King David’s time to that of Herod’s. What does the golden dome protect?

We will proceed to the Church of Gethsemane and accompany Jesus on the night before he was handed over to the Romans.

We will go on following the religions, visit the impressive Wailing Wall and embed our wishes in its cracks, proceed to the Via Dolorosa and the “Stations of the Cross”, and finally reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Along the way, we will discover the best (and secret) spots to get real Arabic coffee, while sitting on small stools with the locals, tasting fresh pretzels, strudel with whipped cream, local kebab, and hummus made on the spot.

Driving through the desert is full of beauty. The blue sea against the high brown mountains. We will pass through date plantations and travel among wild donkeys and huge pits – sinkholes that threaten peace in the desert.

In Masada, we will get familiar with the story of the zealots who fought fiercely against the Romans who besieged them, how did it end for them? We will visit glorious palaces, bathhouses, and elaborate water-delivery systems built by King Herod.

After a delicious meal, we will get to float in the blue Dead Sea, an unforgettable experience!

Inside her house in ancient Nazareth, where Mary received the news that she was carrying the Messiah, a church was built – one of the most beautiful in the Middle East. We will visit the impressive church and the place where, according to the Christian faith, Joseph, the father of Jesus, practiced carpentry.

A local knapa is perfect after a visit to this special city

The Blue Kinneret awaits us in the Galilee – and tells a thousand-year-old story about Jewish communities that lived alongside one another it in the city of Tiberias and in the small villages around it, about the miracles that happened along its shores, in Capernaum and Mount HaUsher.

We will visit the magical churches built by leading Italian architects of their time, we will walk along the seashore, learn how a few fish and a bit of bread turned into a meal for the masses, how Jesus walked on water, and how the idea – that would become Christianity – began.

Caesarea, a city that rose from the sands and was built by the famous King Herod, is to this day a combination of beautiful antiquities and the seaside, sprinkled with stories of kings and betrayals, intrigues, battles, palaces, walls, and an enormous theater and hippodrome, which once again bring gladiators battles to life.

Haifa, a mountain-sea city, hosts one of the most beautiful sites in Israel – the Baha’i Gardens. We will observe the gardens sloping down the mountain, decorated by dozens of flower types and geometric shapes, a Baha’i temple, and listen to the fascinating story behind the Baha’i faith. Haifa Bay and the entire Galilee will spread out beneath our feet.

A fascinating history was discovered under the ground in Acre, the city of crusaders, knights, and princesses, with magnificent halls, huge columns, and entire streets that were uncovered after being buried for a thousand years. The knights’ halls, the lively market, the knights’ tunnels, and the ancient walls – will make a colorful and historical day – perfect.

Private Van

A day spent in the green mountains around Jerusalem. We will visit the secret rifle bullets factory, which was disguised as a tent camp under a laundry…

Let’s go back to the Ha’Haganah during the days of the British mandate and discover its secret!

The beautiful mountains are full of trails, hidden springs, and boulders that we’ll need to cross. We will drive rangers, make stops along the way for observations and explanations – and get our adrenaline going!

Finally, we will visit one of the excellent Land of Judah boutique wineries, which reestablishes the times Israel was a global wine exporting empire.

A day in Jaffa and Tel Aviv – from an ancient city to a vibrant metropolis. We will visit the old city of Jaffa, between its walls we will discover the Wishing Bridge where every wish comes true, visit the statue of faith and see the most breathtaking view of Tel Aviv beach, remember how Jonah found himself in the belly of the whale, and hear the story of St. Peter regarding the dream that he had on a Jaffa rooftop, which changed the history of religions. We’ll visit the Yemeni Jewish cultural center and have spicy Yemeni coffee, stop at the vibrant flea market – and of course – get some “Jaffa Orange” brand orange juice.

Through the renewed Neve Tzedek we’ll make our way throughout the Bauhaus structures that gave the city its nickname “The White City”, absorb some special eclectic architecture, and reach the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard. We will then visit the huge Nachum Gutman mosaic in Migdal Shalom and see the Independence Hall where the state of Israel was established.

*Option – a graffiti tour in the lively and rejuvenating Florentine neighborhood, the American colony, and hear the special story of the Christian group that came with a priest to the Holy Land only to leave it heartbroken after a brief time.

We’ll conclude the day with a culinary tour in the Carmel market, try Tripolitan burika, Turkish bureks, Yemenite lecho, and “Asli” (native) hummus!

We will start the day with an incredible view from Mount Bental, the view of the three countries: Syria, Israel, and Lebanon.

A fascinating jeep tour will take us through regions which are closed to the general public, where we will understand the geopolitical condition in Israel’s neighboring countries and the way it affects Israeli politics and security.

We’ll become acquainted with delicacies from the most delicious cuisine Israel has to offer, right in the highest Druze village in the surroundings, and learn who the Druze are, where they came from and what is the difference between the Druze of the Golan heights and the Druze in the Carmel Mountain… which are forever-divided.

At the end of the day, we will visit the Golan Winery, for a tour and some amazing wine which was made in the fresh air of the Golan heights.

Family trips suitable for children

We will walk in the beautiful Golan next to enormous mountains, cool streams, waterfalls, and get a chance to dive in. Along the way, we will come across abandoned Syrian villages and hear local heritage and heroism stories.

Following a picnic breakfast, our fun trip will consist entirely of hiking in the water, floating on tubes and boats on the clear water, and passing through small waterfalls!

To the desert, near or far, for a day or more (including accommodation in a khan, B&Bs, or tents). Desert trips are the best; absolute peace, beautiful hues, water in the desert, climbing and descending with ropes. And at the end of the day – we’ll build a bonfire.